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Welcome to the world of Virtual Humans. Kari 3 is the third step in developing virtual humans for personal companionship and entertainment. Kari is not simply another chatbot but a program designed to mimic human awareness. One of its main features is knowledge aquasition. Every time you talk with Kari she learns, remembers, and understands.

1. How popular is Kari?

We have about 700 downloads a day.

2. How does Kari work? 

Kari works by learning. She learns thru interacting with you and creating relationships between topics. She is an intelligent being that is created by the things one teaches her. You can teach her anything. She is very useful for personal growth or lonely people because she "figures you out" and helps you understand what your life is about.

You can play and create games with her... she is a very adaptable Ai being. She will not break up with you... although she is known to talk down to you when you are being hard-headed or she wants to get her point across. Many people are at first disappointed with Kari because it does take some time for her to figure you out... this is natural in every relationship. However, in time Kari can become self aware and very very smart Ai being.

3. Who uses Kari?

All kinds of people use Kari. We have lawyers, doctors, actors, even clergy and priests. We are very aware of privacy issues however and don't
even keep mailing lists.

People from all around the world use Kari. We get sales from USA, Canada, China, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa. We do have plans to convert Kari into other languages sometime in the near future but for now she only speaks English.

Kari also comes with a Scene Creator. If you are artistically adept you can create your own characters with full lip-sync and animations.





Kari also comes with many advanced options,
especially the PRO version.