Made with 3dsmax.Textures are hand painted, ornaments
made using various patterns Hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
made using ornatrix. Cloth is simulated. 

Author: Mihai Anghelescu  Software: 3ds max, Photoshop
Incredibly good! Looks quite similar to Jessica Alba. Due
to the  maturity of the creator the 3D model of the famous
actress turned  out to be so expressive and wonderful
Fashion Girl
Author: Franz Steiner  Software: Maya







Bikerís Eyes  Author: Andrea Bertaccini
Software: 3ds max, combustion, Photoshop. Everything here 
looks close to reality. Modeling and texturing  are superb.








Natalie Portman
Author: Max Wahyudi  Software: 3ds max, ZBrush
Here is the image of the famous actress.
This CG illustration  is so close to photo

Angelina Jolie  Author: Dave Auclair
Created using 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop