Beauty 3d models


Talking Agents from DesktopMates

         Animated human like characters that live on your desktop as your personal interactive companion 
         and assistant capable of speech and doing tasks for you using Microsoft Agent Technology.

Ruby is a bold, flashy, exotic full bodied character. She was specially designed to be almost anything you want her to be. Is she a futuristic SciFi desktop secretary? A super heroine? Or just an exotic fetish character?


Adult Oriented Characters

Beautiful exotic island girl for your desktop!
Available in 3 versions

Gewells & Gewlley.One of our sexiest
and most realistic full bodied characters

Ladies in Lingerie

Desktop Secretary

Have Your Own Personal
Desktop Companion & Assistant!

Character Categories

Secretaries and Assistants
Office style characters, ideal for  desktops used in the office or work environment.

Bargain Basement
Special offers & reduced prices on character bundles.

Adult Models
Adult Oriented Characters.
WARNING: Some characters in this category contain nudity.

Head Characters
Characters in this category are close up head (facial) models only.



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