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Welcome to My Virtual Babes
Hi resolution 3D desktop wallpaper and
pictures, free for your personal use! Start
your art collection using DAZ3D studio

Whyville  virtual world where boys and girls
from all over the real world come to chat,
play, learn, and have fun  together

The Virtual World of Kaneva  
virtual world, where you can make new
friends, hang out together, and have fun

My Virtual Model Create 3D virtual model
for women, dress up with the latest styles.
Show  your friends your sexiest fashion.

eople can create 3D avatars, play games and connect with friends in a virtual world,

Gaia Online Incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual coolest world.

Second Life free 3D virtual world where teens can meet, create and socialize with new friends using voice and text chat


Utherverse Social Center for Adults
Virtual world , PURE NUDE ART


DreamStripper Cabaret

Adult Social Network

Meet people, explore online virtual world.
Women and men can live out any of their



Virtual Babes for Your Virtual Life

Sexy  VirtuaGirl babes stripping on your desktop,
Get a Table Dance From the Privacy of Your Own PC!






                                                          Adult Night Club


Virtual Babes - Your Real Virtual Sex Girlfriends
Virtual Babes lets you interact with a very cute girls and tell what to do. A Virtual Girlfriend who lives inside your computer; she will do anything you  ask, understands plain English, and speaks to you out loud!
Get Virtual Babes Here     


Chathouse 3D

All about strip games. All about watching girls playing and losing strip games. Girls play
a wide range of games including Strip Darts, Spin-the-Bottle, Checkers, Tickle, Minefield, Dice, Pontoon, High card, Coin Toss, Catch, Sudden Death and more

Virtual Girlfriend
Type a command and she does it. You can ask her to
do whatever you like

The Best Adult Game
The Lord Of Drug And Sex!
Play Now And Become The Lord Of Drug And Sex!

People in 3D


Christies Room
Watch 3D virtual girls dance to your mp3 songs in our full screen night club
, they will dance to your favorite music






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